There are many reasons why you might need storage with Barrons
Whatever the reason, if you need to store some of your household goods for a few days, a few weeks or indefinitely you can rely on
Barrons here to help you out.

Modern storage is simple and convenient.  Barrons will collect everything you want to store from the comfort of your own home, pack maller items into boxes and wrap all your larger items to stop them getting dusty or damaged.

Our experienced removal men will then load everything into a purpose-built, wooden storage container, seal it, and then leave for store.

Will my furniture be safe?
Yes, furniture will be placed in storage containers when removed from your house, these will be closed and will not be opened until they are delivered to your new home.

The containers are stored in a warehouse specifically designed for removal storage, monitored by 24-hour security surveillance utilising the latest in CCTV technology.

T Barron Removals & Storage Bradford

T Barron Removals Bradford

Delivery of the Storage
Let us know when you are ready for the storage to be delivery to your new address and we’ll deliver the storage to your new property.

Cost of Storage
Barrons will charge per container stored on a weekly rate, payable by check on a monthly basis or on removal of the storage.

Duration of Storage
You can storage for items for whatever time you like, from just a few days to several months.

There is a minimum charge of 1 week storage.  There is a discounted rated for storing over 6 months.

Are my items insured while in storage?
Yes, insurance is included in the cost of storage, it is the same cover as your removal service.

An inventory is taken of all your items that are going into storage.

Items that should not be stored
Precious item, such as jewellery, money, deeds or other important documents. Hazardous goods like paint, aerosols, gas bottles or weapons.

Preparation for storage
Please switch off all white goods a day before they go into store, to allow them to dry out.

Make sure everything is labelled you wish to store.  Make sure you do not store items you will need while in storage, as there is no access to while while in storage.

With Barrons you always know what your removal will cost, with a visit from our Surveyor.

Call 01274 593441 now to arrange an Estimate, and get your house on the move.

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